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World Class Air Travel for Pets. Express Pet Transport takes the stress out of travel for your pet.

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Express Pet Transport offers airport-to-airport travel for cats and dogs traveling to approximately 300 destinations, and members of our team are trained professionals.

Pet Relocation

We have been guiding pets and their people through the complicated process of moving, happily reuniting them in their new homes.

Moving your pet

Moving is never pur-fect, but your pet doesn’t need to know that! For more than 15 years,

International Pet Relocation

We transport all sorts of pets worldwide.

What we do

Pet Travel Transport moves pets all over the world safely and with the utmost of care and attention to safety, reuniting them with their families.

Domestic Pet Relocation

We will be sure your pet arrives safely anywhere in the United States.

Express Pet Transport has been in the business of assisting people traveling with pets safely since 1998. At Express Pet Transport, we are Registered Pet Handlers, licensed by the US Department of Agriculture. All procedures meet or exceed USDA Animal Welfare Specifications. We are also Indirect Air Carrier (IAC) shippers and have TSA clearance to ship and customs clear your pet.


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Express Pet Transport is a Limited Liability Corporation located in and registered in the United States of America. Our sister company, We have been in the business of assisting traveling pet owners since 1998. Shortly after we started our business, we quickly moved from helping people find pet friendly hotels to helping them with moving their pet around the world. Now we can transport your pet to you when you cannot travel with it. We are familiar with pet import requirements for most countries worldwide, and provide for trips to the vet for pretravel checkups and vaccinations, kenneling, USDA endorsement, book transport on the most efficient route for your pet as well as pickup, check-in and delivery at most airports.

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Today, we answer over 100 emails, phone calls, and blog posts a day from people all over the world looking to either travel with their pet or ship their pet from one country to another.


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